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5 Summer Jewelry Care Tips

Below are Five Jewelry Care Tips for the Summer!

The Summer months can be tough on jewelry. Between swimming, rising temperatures, visiting beaches, and other enjoyable outdoor activities, Summer can take a great toll on diamond jewelry.

1. Your jewelry can be damaged by impact against hard surfaces. Be sure to remove any jewelry before biking or hiking.

2. Rising temperature and humidity levels can take a toll on your jewelry. Take time to gently wipe down your precious metal jewelry after every wear to keep sweat, humidity, and sunlight from making it dull.

3. When dressing for a day at the beach, keep in mind that some types of jewelry may be better off left at home. Harder gemstones like diamonds can better withstand impact with sand and abrasive materials, while softer gemstones like amethysts and opal might not fare as well.Β 

4. Cold water can cause your hands to shrink. It is best to remove your rings before going in a pool, ocean, lake, or any water to avoid losing them!Β 

5. When Summer is coming to an end get your jewelry cleaned at a local jewelry store to spruce it up!

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