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Breathtaking Fancy-Shape Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Bands

Fancy shape lab-grown diamonds shine on their own, but with an eternity band something magical happens. These fancy shape lab-grown diamond eternity wedding bands look absolutely amazing!

Below are the most popular fancy-shape lab-grown diamond eternity bands.

Oval Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Band

With the unique shape of oval cut diamonds and the sparkle, oval cut diamonds are a very popular trend and we expect it to stay for years to come.  Oval shape lab-grown diamonds create an utterly unique look.

View Oval Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Band

Emerald Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Band

The lines (both internal and external) of emerald cut diamonds have made them a popular shape for unique style and trends. These lab-grown diamonds are clean, and absolutely gorgeous.

View Emerald Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Band

Final Thoughts

Whichever style you choose both are absolutely breathtaking in their own ways! What are your thoughts on fancy-shape diamond eternity bands?

Share your thoughts below, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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